ZeniMax Updates on the Status of the NA Megasever

As of 1AM EDT the North American Megaserver has been offline for maintenance. No reasons were given, whether it was a scheduled update or a patch for bug fixes, but the servers remained down through the night and into the morning. ZeniMax has released a statement, via a forums post by Community Manager Jessica Folsom, describing the reason for the downtime.

Last night a few North American users reported inventory-related issues with their character account, such as seeing additional inventory items appear, or seeing items that were not earned through gameplay. We’ve identified and fixed the problem, but the issue necessitated some downtime overnight for the North American megaserver. This problem has not manifested on the European server, so it continues to run as normal. The fix will be implemented as soon as all required pre-testing is complete this morning.

Regardless of the downtime last night, ZeniMax had already decided to bring the servers down this morning to bring a new update to the game, which they will be looking to do still. Patch notes will be coming shortly according the Jess. ZeniMax is also looking to restore the in-game mail server between players as well as some other fixes to bugs that were preventing quest completion and so on. These will hopefully be patched this morning. Make sure you keep an eye on Elder Scrolls Off the Record, as we will have those patch notes posted in full once they become available.

Stay tuned to the official Twitter account of The Elder Scrolls Online as they will be tweeting out when the servers are back online. Also, make sure you follow us at Elder Scrolls OTR as well as Quest Gaming Network on Twitter to receive updates regarding ESO and gaming news in general! Also, let us know how you feel about the extended downtime, especially during a phase when people had just started to play the game thanks to their 3-Day Early Access, either in a comment below or in our community forums.

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