Watch Dogs Release Date Revealed

Earlier today, as seen on the Playstation Blog, Ubisoft Content Marketing Manager Mike Madavi announced the launch date of what could be one of the most highly anticipated releases of the year, Watch_Dogs. It will release on May 27, 2014.


Originally slated to be a launch title with the PS4 and Xbox One, Watch_Dogs was delayed. Now finally being announced, players will soon explore Chicago as Aiden Pearce, a “brilliant hacker and former thug whose criminal past led to a violent family tragedy.”

Also released today was a new trailer showcasing Aiden’s drive for revenge, as well as introducing you to some of the other characters in the story.


Image Courtesy of Playstation Blog

In addition, a PS4 and PS3 bundle was also announced, but no price was given as of this posting. Releasing on 5/27/14 as well, the bundle will have a copy of Watch_Dogs and the console. Ps4 and Ps3 players will also be happy to know that the Sony versions of the game will include another 60 minutes of exclusive gameplay.

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