Warcraft off the Record Ep8 That 6.0 Show

On this weeks episode: Blasted lands gets a worked over Like an Old world boss. We get less bloated. Ubrs gets a face lift that Cher would be proud of! Jeannelle covers the dark portal
Poke tells us his sloppy seconds stats. Mythic Raiding Good Bad or meh.

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Warcraft off the Record Ep8 That 6.0 Show

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  • Think you guys are missing the point of 20 man mythic. The point of a fixed number team is so they can tune the difficulty and mechanics exactly for a 20 man team. They mentioned the problem with heroic raiding with the 2 raid sizes was getting the mechanics tuned correctly for both sizes and they have tried for a long time to get it down. It just doesn’t work out perfect to the different sizes. I don’t like to think of mythic as the new heroic either. The new mythic difficulty is going to change the way everyone looks and the different modes. Mythic is going to be the competitive raiding the old heroic mode could never be because of the balancing issues that come with multiple raid sizes. By forcing a specific number raid size blizzard can tune the raid much more precisely and I think mythic will actually be more difficult than current heroic because of that. I think that a shift is going to happen where even a lot of guilds doing current heroics will step back to doing wod heroics and that will be the new progression point while moving mythic into a higher tier of difficulty really focused on competitive raiding. Your world/server first guilds are going to be the ones pushing through mythic while most guilds will settle into the new heroic mode progression. The cool thing about that is that you do get to have your choice because everything from LFR to heroic will be using the flex grp system so you can have a progression guild with the flexibility to bring in more or less people. Gone are the days when you have your raid group show up to raid and find out well so and so can’t make it so we are calling the raid tonight. It flex now you can still raid even if a couple people don’t show up and I think that can only be beneficial to guilds. Build a 15 man grp and if 2 don’t show up fine it’s flex bosses will scale to your 13 of you have extras that show up great bring them along the bosses will scale to your 17. I think the new system is great win win for all in my opinion. Love to hear what you guys think! Thanks for the great show keep up the great Work! love that a warcraft show finally came to qgn. See ya next week guys.

    • Heya Zeek,
      Thanks for the comment man loving hearing from the listeners. I love the fact that all tiers of raids are flex. it’s a great system and as a Raid leader I have had to tell ppl no I am sorry I can’t bring you to a raid because I am full. I never have to do that again, in my opinion flex was the best part of MoP. My issue is simple Mythic will kill the smaller guilds that are heroic progressing. It will force any 10man raiding guild into accepting they will not be able to raid at the levels they are right now or have to recruit. That right there will change the dynamic of a raid team and guild. I don’t understand why they when Blizzard has made the game more accessible only to add a new part to the game that will harm the guild communities and even smaller servers.

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