Vector Thrust Coming to Steam


Yesterday, Iceberg Interactive and developer TimeSymmetry announced a new game. It is an arcade flight game with simulation elements and it’s called Vector Thrust. There is no official release date but it is slated for spring 2014. Vector Thrust is set to be a fast-paced, cel-shaded, combat flying game that offer plenty of game modes, including a quick-play and an extensive story-based campaign.


As someone who enjoys the classic combat flight games this one looks to be bringing back the fast-paced, high flying action in style. Not only does it look like a fun game, developed by a small team, but it will also have the added advantage of user generated content. Vector Thrust is a game that will depict each aircraft with detail in a cel-shaded art style. It will contain over 200 aircraft from real-world to prototype, all will be yours to fly, each with a unique look and different handling.


Some of the game modes that Vector Thrust will offer are: challenge mode, arcade mode, skirmish mode, and campaign mode. In challenge mode you can practice and improve your skills with each of the aircraft. Arcade mode allows you to fight for the high score. Skirmish mode lets you customize your battles before jumping in. Campaign mode will allow you to play through a story that the developers want to tell. Along with those modes players will be able to play against one another in competitive multiplayer matches as well.

If this game delivers what it’s promising then I know I’ll be hitting the skies this spring when it comes to Steam. Keep it here at QGN for your latest news and check back this spring for our take on the game.

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