Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events!

Hey guys! Check out these great guild events, coming to you from ESOTR: Akatosh (AD), ESOTR: Stendarr (DC) and ESOTR: Meridia (EP). Message the mentioned Guild Leads for an invite, in game, today!

Akatosh (Our AD Guild)
Guild Leader: @Damefan
Events: Skyshard Hunt, Leveling Event
Time/Date Feb, Sunday the 8th, 2 PM EST
All Levels welcome! Meet on Haderus Eastern Wayshrine

Meridia (Our EP Guild)
Guild Leader: @nerevar-telvanni
Events: Deshaan Fishing Jamboree
Time/Date: Feb, Saturday the 7th, Noon (cst) – 2pm (cst)
No level requirements (bring bait if you got it, if not bait will be provided.)
West Naris Wayshrine, Deshaan

Stendarr (Our DC Guild)
Guild Leader: @Wray
Events: Tour D’OrcShornheml Shindig and Naked Orce Run!
Time/Date: Feb, Friday the 13th at 9PM EST
Naked Orc Run from Daggerfall to Shornhelm!
The “Shornhelm Shindig” will Immediately following the Tour D’Orc. Dance and Emote off with Costume Contest and Prizes!

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