Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events (Sat 2/13 – Sun 2/15)

Stendarr, Meridia and Akatosh are hard at work, putting together some amazing events for ESO Community Members and Guildies alike! Here is what you can look forward to from Friday 2/13 to Sunday 2/15! Be sure to follow our new Twitter account @ESOTRGuilds for more announcements and information on our guilds and who to contact for invites.

Guild: ESOTR Stendarr
Event: Tour d’Orc and Shornhelm Shindig
Time/Date: Friday Feb 13th 9pm EST
Details: Meet up in Daggerfall w/ your naked Orc! (or not, all levels allowed) Run naked to Shornhelm, creating mayhem as we go! Gather in Shornhelm right after, for a dance and emote contest with prizes for: “Best Individual”, “Best Group”, “Most Creative” and “Best Use of Emotes”! Prizes will include gold, various motifs (Dwemer/Barbaric), purple recipes and hard to find crafting mats!
Contact: Guild Leader @Wray

Guild: ESOTR Akatosh
Event: Public Dungeon Boss Achievement Run
Time/Date: Saturday Feb 14th 6pm EST
Details: Meet up in Skyfall! All levels are welcome! We’ll be doing all zones!
Contact: Guild Leader @Damefan

Guild: ESOTR Meridia
Event: Tamrielic Holiday – Feast of the Dead
Time/Date: Sunday, Feb 15th from 1PM EST to 4PM EST
Details: Come honor the Pact’s brothers of the North in Windhelm for the Feast of the Dead. We will be meeting up in Windhelm, wearing the “Gemstone of Skeletal Visage” (The Skeleton Costume) if you have one, if not that is perfectly fine as well. You may bring any level character you wish. We will conquer Windhelm’s Hall of the Dead, then move onto Eastmarch’s world boss’s. Once all our foes lay dead at our feet, we will celebrate Nord style with many mugs of mead in Windhelms’ Cold Moon Inn.
Contact: Guild Leader @Nerevar-Telvanni

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