Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events

Guild: ESOTR Stendarr
Event: Festival of Blades
Time/Date: Friday April 3rd 9pm – 12pm EST
Meeting Place: Stros M’Kai, Port Hunding Wayshrine
Open to those who have a Daggerfal Covent character – can be a new character. Meet at Stros M’Kai (The DC ‘starter island’) at the Port Hunding Wayshrine. There will be 3 guild members disguised as Goblins hiding in Stos M’Kai at specific locations. Participants must follow clues to find each Goblin. Participant must whisper specific to Goblin when found at which point Goblin will message Guild Leader w/@name and time. Prizes will be given for first to find 1st 2nd and 3rd Goblins. Biggest prize for 1st to find all 3. Everyone will then go to the Dogeater Camp for general Goblin destruction. We will then move on to HoonDing’s Watch in the Alik’r for the story of the Redguard victory over the Goblin Giants…and general destruction will probably ensue. Meet up in the QGN Teamspeak server and message @Wray, in game.

Guild: ESOTR Meridia
Event: Cyrodiil PVE Roundup and Guild Photo Op
Time/Date: Sunday April 5th 3PM – 5PM EST
Meeting Place: Davon’s Watch, Shrine of Mara Fountain
Join ESOTR Meridia in the Azura’s Star campaign, for some Cyrodiil PVE content. We will be doing quest’s from the Cyrodiil daily quest hubs (i.e. Bruma), and search for a location and take pictures for an ESOTR Meridia Photo Op.

Meet up in the QGN Teamspeak server and message @NerevarTelvanni, in game.

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