Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events

Guild: ESOTR Meridia
Event: A Killer Among Us
Time/Date: Friday March 27th 11pm – 12pm EST (Right after Elder Scrolls Off the Record Podcast)
Meeting Place: Eastmarch
This is the second event in the Puzzle Master series. Join the other Ebonheart treasure hunters in solving a rash of mysterious deaths throughout the Pact. Starting in Eastmarch, the trail has led you south and into the shadowy underworld of the Rift.

Teamspeak is required. Meet in Meridia Channel

If not in the Meridia guild, we welcome you. Create a low level toon and join in on the fun. You can organize and discuss this event on its own forums post

*PS* If you missed the first Murder Mystery you WONT be at a disadvantage, while the overall story is continuing, this game is a stand alone.

Introduction: After discovering the body of Lord Elrick and picking up the book made from pages of the stolen portrait, a slip of paper flutters to the ground. It reads, “Meet me where the people of the Rift drink within a dying tree. Signed by The Puzzle Master.”

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