Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events!

Spend your weekend with us, in Tamriel! No matter what your choice of faction, we have something exciting for you to look forward to this weekend. Weather we’re crushing world bosses, hunting skyshards or fighting for our faction leaders in battle, we’re sure we have something that’ll be fun for you! See you there!

Guild: ESOTR Stendarr
Event: Covenant Calamity
Time/Date: Friday March 13th 9pm – 11pm EST
Meeting Place: Daggerfall
Details: We’re taking the fight to The Daedra! Join us in the city of Daggerfall as we mount an offense against the force’s of Coldharbour and fight the Dolmen’s invading Glenumbra! While we’re there, we’ll be taking out the World Bosses too! Once our night of evil vanquishing has ended, we’re headed to Wayrest for a big party! Don’t be late, you wouldn’t want to miss out on all the fun!
Contact: @Wray

Guild: ESOTR Meridia
Event: Meridia Cyrodiil Skyshard Hunt
Time/Date: Sunday March 15th 3pm – 6pm EST
Meeting Place: Davon’s Watch, Shrine of Mara Fountain
Details:Join us, as we charge into Cyrodiil and grab up those elusive skyshards! It doesn’t matter if you’ve picked up only a few or haven’t started at all, meet us in Davon’s Watch and we’ll make sure everyone walks out with their achievement!
Contact: @Nerevar-Telvanni

Also, on Sunday, March 15th:

Guild: ESOTR Akatosh
Event: Weekly PvP Training
Time/Date: Sunday March 15th 2pm EST
Meeting Place: Eastern Elsweyr Gate
Details: A weekly PvP training session that starts with build discussion and leads into battles in Cyrodiil! All AD characters are welcome to join. Teamspeak is a must. (Find our Teamspeak info in the ‘Community’ section on this site). Meet on Haderus server.
Contact: @Valin777

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