Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events

This week, ESOTR Meridia weighs in with a VERY unique event for Ebonheart Pact players! Details below!

Guild: ESOTR Meridia
Event: Mystery of the Stolen Portrait
Time/Date: Friday Feb 27th 11:30pm EST
Meeting Place: Deldwine’s Inn in Eastmarch
Details: Join Meridia as you solve the Mystery of the Stolen Portrait. Officer TheRazor will be running the game. Players will solve the mystery through clues provided through whispers via chat and they can either share those clues, lie about the clues they have to throw others off the path, or keep them for themselves, but one can not solve the mystery without help from others. The first one to solve the mystery will get a reward of gold at the end.
Contact: @Nerevar-Telvanni or @TheRazor

Also, on Sunday, March 1st, ESOTR Meridia will be hosting two other events as well:

Guild: ESOTR Meridia
Event: Pact’s Defense Force
Time/Date: Sunday March 1st 2pm EST
Meeting Place: Davon’s Watch, Shrine of Mara Fountain
Details: The Fighters Guild has asked the forces of the Pact to assist in a campaign against the forces of Molag Bal, who has increased his push for power. Pact members will meet up in Davon’s Watch and then ride forth to close Bal’s Dolems across the Pact’s territory.
Contact: @Nerevar-Telvanni

Guild: ESOTR Akatosh
Event: Weekly PvP Training
Time/Date: Sunday March 1st 2pm EST
Meeting Place: Eastern Elsweyr Gate
Details: A weekly PvP training session that starts with build discussion and leads into battles in Cyrodiil! All AD characters are welcome to join. Teamspeak is a must. (Find our Teamspeak info in the ‘Community’ section on this site). Meet on Haderus server.
Contact: @Valin777

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