Upcoming ESOTR Guild Events

This week, ESOTR: Akatosh, put together a fun, drunken, scavenger hunt with incredible prizes! Come join us, after Elder Scrolls Off the Record, as we stream the insanity that will be “AKASLOSH”!

ESOTR: Meridia and ESOTR: Stendarr are hard at work putting together their next events. So check back with us next week, for more info on their upcoming events!

Guild: ESOTR Akatosh
Event: Akaslosh
Time/Date: Friday Feb 20th 10pm EST
Details: Contact @Damefan in game, and as the stream goes live, he’ll state where to meet up! You will ‘/drink’, and then run to find hidden items he placed in the zone. Be one of the first to trade those items back to him, to win GREAT prizes! 1st Place Winner: 50k Gold! 2nd Place Winner: 2 Dwemer Motifs 3rd Place Winner: Purple Motif of your Choice!
Contact: Guild Leader @Damefan

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