Upcoming Diablo 3 Crowd Control Changes Detailed in Developer Journal

In preparation of patch 1.0.5 for Diablo III, a Developer Journal appeared on Blizzard’s site on Wednesday detailing some of the expected upcoming changes, in particular focusing on Crowd Control (CC). Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng noted that there are some awesome skills early in the game (he noted watching Jay Wilson enjoying Ground Stomp), but as you progress, they begin to feel less powerful, and therefore take away the feeling of epic awesomeness you’re supposed to be getting.

Blizzard wants to challenge you, but still wants you to have the feeling that you are truly a hero in Sanctuary. In order for you to feel epic, they want monsters to have more time to work you over in the harder difficulty levels, which ramps up the challenge. If they allow CC kills to become too powerful then they feel it can “trivialize most major mechanics and the game can become boring.” Additionally, if the CC is too powerful, then players in co-op mode can simply synchronize their CC and overwhelm monsters, potentially taking away any challenge.

Cheng’s post includes some graphs that analyze how CC skills are being used less across the game as players reach higher levels, and they are available on their website. It’s an interesting view of how skills are being used earlier in the game compared to later in the game, and this is a balance issue that Blizzard is examining for this patch.

It’s a lengthy post, and for you hardcore stat/math experts, there’s plenty for you to dive into here. Head on over to the official Blizzard website for more detail.

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