Twitch Broadcasting Coming to Xbox One March 11th

In a post on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft and Twitch TV announced the date for the long awaited broadcast feature on Xbox One. Coming in time for Titanfall, a new Twitch app will launch on March 11th and will allow anyone with a Xbox Gold and Twitch account to start streaming their gameplay.

This comes months after release, in which we saw Sony’s PS4 have this feature at launch.

Xbox owners simply need to say “Xbox, Broadcast” and Twitch will start to broadcast your game on your channel. Friends can join in your game simply by sending you a party request. With the interface you can also keep an eye on the Twitch chatroom as you showcase the game to the world. In fact, Microsoft is boasting that the Twitch app has the best chat room experience as it shows more lines of chat than the other console versions, as well as allowing players to choose chat colors and use emoticons.

“Only Xbox One offers the most complete Twitch experience, with access to any live broadcast and the full Twitch catalog,” said Yusuf Mehdi, Corporate VP of Marketing, Xbox. “We’ve designed Xbox One to be the best place to play with features and unparalleled partnerships that deliver epic moments for gamers.”


Additionally, Xbox Streamers can pull members from the chat and add them to Party Chat, allowing their voice to also be heard as you play your game.

“Over the last two years, we have seen the broadcasting and spectating of video games go from a niche activity to a pastime shared by millions,” said Emmett Shear, CEO and Founder, Twitch. “As the experience grows in popularity, it’s important to provide as broad a feature set as possible for the community. Microsoft has done just that by rolling out the most robust console integration of Twitch to date and setting a new bar for others to strive for.”

Microsoft took a lot of heat from fans when this feature that was showcased on stage at E3 2013 was absent at launch, whereas Sony’s PS4 was able to stream from the box. Microsoft stated previously that the delay was to make sure they had the best Twitch experience and everything was running smoothly. It makes perfect sense they would want this feature to launch in conjunction with the most-anticipated Xbox One game to date. During the Titanfall beta, streaming of the game peaked at #1 on Twitch, edging out usual favorite League of Legends.

What are your thoughts? Are you a Xbox One owner, and if so are you excited? Disappointed it took this long? Leave us your comments below!

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  • Ashley Bernard John Chamberlain

    I’m glad that they took the time to polish the app.
    I would hate to have seen it filled with bugs and other problems that would hurt the experience.

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