Thief Gets New Trailer


In a press release from Square Enix this morning, Thief’s latest trailer – titled “The Thief Taker General’s Hunt” – has been released. This trailer marks the third in a series of story-centric trailers focusing on the narrative and characters of Eidos Montreal’s latest game.

This latest trailer focuses on the Thief Taker General who is the Commander of the Baron’s Watch. His primary focus is to “o hunt and hang every thief in The City”, according to the press release. Of course, his main target is Garrett, the Master Thief. Corruption is at the core of the the Thief Taker General. Fear and extortion are his methods of choice, using them to enforce a “black tax” on members of the underworld.

You can catch all three stylized trailers below. Thief releases on February 11 on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Part 1 – Basso’s Gamble

Part 2 – The Queen of the Beggars Sees All

Part 3 – The Thief Taker General

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