Thief: 17 Minutes Of Gameplay


Eidos Montreal have released a 17 minute gameplay video accompanying an interview with Marketing Coordinator Jean-Philippe Chicoine on their community blog today.

The video is a full walkthrough of their Lockdown Mission, which you can view below. Keep in mind, there are multiple ways to play each mission, allowing for many different paths to accomplish the same objective.

Here are a few snippets from the interview.

So, this playthrough… First of all, what version of the game are we seeing?

For those that are interested, you can see the exact specs in the YouTube description. For this particular playthrough, we recorded the latest PC build, but I played with an Xbox controller.

I’m definitely a PC guy. I usually play all my games with keyboard and mouse, but the team really nailed the controller setup for Thief. There’s just something about bending a swoop in a “S”-shape between two pieces of furniture to avoid a guard you didn’t see coming. It’s still awesome even after hundreds of hours clocked in the game.

For those wondering about the various customization options with regards to gameplay, Chicoine had this to comment:

We’ve talked a lot about customization options, what do you have turned on or off here?

For any game I play, I just try to keep my UI as clean as possible for immersion’s sake. For this video, though, I kept some of the settings on so you guys could get a good feel for what I was doing. However, when I play, I always turn off the lockpick helper. Picking a lock based only on the controller rumble is so much more immersive to me, although some guys like to keep it on as they like the visual clue.

Also, I know that we’ve been getting some flak for the shroud around the screen. When I first saw the pre-alpha gameplay video, I was pretty worried about what they were doing with my precious light gem! However, it’s only when I got to hold the controller and play around that it started to make sense to me. The shroud is in your peripheral vision and definitely helps you, but you don’t pay attention to it when you’re busy keeping an eye out for guards. The shroud gives me the info I need in a quick and effective way.

I’ve kept a lot of HUD elements on in this vid so you can see the default setup, but I tweak things when I play the game just for fun. For example, I sometimes turn off the objective marker. As with many games, you can have a tendency to just run towards a marker, but if you do this in Thief you miss so much: secret loot, hidden collectibles, alternative routes and so on.

The beauty of the customization in our game is that if you don’t agree with me, that’s all good. You can customize it your way, and we can both strip The City clean of its riches as we please.

You can view the interview in its entirety on their community blog. In the meantime, here’s a full walkthrough of Lockdown.

Thief is due out on PC, current gen, and last gen platforms on February 25.

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