The Year Ahead, for QGN

Hello everyone!


I’d like to take the time to thank you all for your continued support to QGN. This network has been on a long road since 2011, ever since we launched our first shows “The Quest Podcast”, “Side Quest”, and something I came up with in the shower “Skyrim: Off the Record”. Since then, hosts have come and gone, ownership has changed, podcasts have come and gone, we’ve tried You Tube, we dumped You Tube, we tried Twitch, we dumped Twitch, now we’re back to Twitch….well…it’s a bit dizzying to be honest. Through the milestones and triumphs, hate mail, cringe worthy moments and developer interviews, you’ve stuck with us every step of the way. QGN has been on the air for 7 wonderful years, and if one thing has been constant…it’s change. Well folks, it’s time to change. With 7 years of experience under our belts, I think you’re going to like what’s in store and what’s already been laid down.


New Website

QGN had a VERY powerful website that launch in the summer of 2014. The idea behind the site was to create a community hub, complete with flash games, instant messaging service, forums, and multiple ways for you to reach out to the network and all its various shows and organize as a community.

No one cared 🙁

To make matters worse…it turned out to be slow, clunky, impossible to keep up with, and the mobile version went from “Doesn’t actually work” to “WOW you really have to try hard to make it look that terrible and dysfunctional!”

The goal for QGN in 2018 is three fold:
1. Scale Down
2. Be More Efficient
3. Present What Matters Most.

The new does exactly that, by showing off our #1 asset behind our amazing community, our podcasts. The new site is designed to get you to your favorite show and follow up with us on twitter and email as quickly and efficiently as possible. We also have ways for you to see how you can connect via Discord, Twitch, find a new way to subscribe to our shows and maybe even spend a moment with our QGN Shop and get a deal from our sponsors. That’s it.

Oh…and it looks fantastic on mobile!


The Move to Discord

Discord is probably the single most powerful and efficient VOIP I’ve ever seen in my life. It really is fantastic, merging everything that can be done with Skype (yes, video calling can be done), Teamspeak, Instant Messaging, and Chat Rooms. Oh, and it also allows the use of bots, when employing the right ideas, can be a VERY fun and powerful tool.
I’ve said in the past that we’re not going to move to Discord because we have a community that is used to our Teamspeak Channel, and I don’t want to chase the “Latest and Greatest” fad simply because everyone is doing it (ie, see my comments on Pink VS Salmon shirts in 2011 – Glad I never got into THAT fad!) However, Discord really does represent one of those rare moments in time when an actual technological leap of convenience has occurred. It’s not the transition between PS2 to PS3 it’s the transition between SNES to Playstation…and it feels just as good (don’t you dare judge me). Here are some of the feautres our QGN Discord gives you:

  • Text Chat Channel
  • Voice Chat Channel
  • Instant Messaging
  • Video Calls – Including Screen Sharing
  • News Channels – Bots that parse info for the latest Elder Scrolls News and the latest news in Gaming
  • Elder Scrolls Radio Station – A Channel where voice is disabled, but the soundtracks of Morrowind, Oblivoin, Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Online, All of ESO’s DLC and even Daggerfall and Battlespire play nonstop!
  • Efficiency – Discord creates a single hub for ALL of your other Discord Communities and works the same on the PC app, the Mobile App, and the Browser Version!

With all of these features, Discord is VERY powerful for our community to keep up with. Many people are using it, and you guys have been asking me for months now to create one. With reports coming to me to do something about our dwindling numbers on Teamspeak, the only decision that makes sense for us all, is to make a Discord server…and one that will WOW you! The QGN Community needs new blood, and my hope is that having a Discord server, with all of the incredible features that we’re launching with, will bring some of our more reclusive listeners out of obscurity, and talking openly with all of us! By the way, you can click on our Discord panel on our website and you’ll be invited automatically.

And to those who prefer Teamspeak, don’t worry, we’re not getting rid of it.



But Evarwyn, what about the podcasts? I thought you were getting ‘Back to Basics’!

We are! Currently, QGN offers 4 shows!

  • Elder Scrolls off the Record
  • Classic Elder Scrolls
  • Quest Gaming: Dungeons & Dragons
  • Quest Gaming: Magic: The Gathering

ESOTR, Classic, and QGDnD have been going strong and just keep getting better!


ESOTR just enjoyed 200+ episodes of news and gameplay focusing on Elder Scrolls. And whereas people love it for its densely packed information, comedy and camaraderie between hosts, it is “Classic” that I consistently hear about from the listeners. Classic Elder Scrolls has enjoyed 77 episodes of DEEP Elder Scrolls Lore that takes a concept and evolves it over a 3 to 4 episode arch that concludes with a demonstration of the concept in ESO, displaying even the most remote concept in the lore in a game as old as Daggerfall or Arena in Elder Scrolls Online.

Quest Gaming: Dungeons & Dragons was QGN’s first foray into Wizards of the Coast material, and with our Dungeon Master, Mark, we have what’s been described to me as one of the best DnD podcasts on the internet. Mark’s knowledge of the rule set, backed up by his skills as a DM, the personality of the players and their characters, plus Mark’s ability to get into the roles, the voice acting he and the players do, the setting, and willingness of the players to think outside the box (much to Mark’s chagrin) has entertained (and broken the hearts) of listeners all over QGN and introduced so, so, many to the delight of Dungeons & Dragons.

Following up on that success, in December of 2017, I decided to expand QGN’s Wizards of the Coast coverage to include “Quest Gaming: Magic: The Gathering”. With 5 episodes in the can at the time of this posting, we have taken cues from shows like “Classic” and “QGDnD” and incorporated lore, gameplay and opened the discussion to listeners who may not understand the complexities of MTG, so they can learn and eventually play along as well. It is our hope that QGMTG expands in 2018 as well as introduces a whole new group of our listeners to one of the most interesting, complex, strategic, lore-based and customizable card games around, Magic: The Gathering.

That’s not all, either. In 2018, with help from some of our new friends on QGN, (who I will introduce soon) we’re looking into the possibility of making another podcast for “Dark Age of Camelot” to be hosted by our new streamer, Setsua.


New Friends

Probably THE single greatest asset of QGN is our hosts. We start 2018 welcoming 3 new people and 1 returning host to QGN:

Setsua: Streamer on Saturday nights (starting at 10p ET). Setsua is a great guy who has already made an impact on QGN (mostly by singing hilariously off key for followers) during his streams and is now looking to build a “Dark Age of Camelot” podcast this year. Look for him streaming DAoC on our Twitch Channel

Mythriil: Co-host of QGMtG who brings years of knowledge playing MTG and presents the lore on the show. Mythriil has been a long time member of our community and has been helping build QGMtG since it started in December

Rogue: Co-host of QGMtG who hails from Norway and has years of experience playing MTG as well! He has been a long time member of the QGN community and active member of our Twitch Channel Chat Room! Rogue presents “Newcomer Strategies” on QGMTG

Dave “DienForce”Adams: Once a member of the Pokemon Man Loving Furry Club, and a “Ninjas with Badass PJs” model, Dave has since quit his time with those…highly reputable organizations…to rejoin one that’s not nearly as distinguished as those…Quest Gaming Network. Dave is a long time personal friend, and was once a local boob on “Skyrim off the Record”, which did so poorly after he joined, we had to rename it “Elder Scrolls off the Record” a few months later. We didn’t blame him personally (but if you listen to those old shows you can totally see the blame falls squarely on his shoulders) for tanking the show. Dave will be streaming on QGN soon, so look forward to new days and times of him streaming games like “Whatever the Hell Dave Feels like Playing Today” and “The Sims”. On top of that, Dave will be sharing his patented gourmet food recipes for cats, live on air.

Delightful. 😀



Last year, QGN earned the right to be called “Affiliate” by Twitch, opening up the possibility that Twitch can be a revenue source for the network. This year, QGN has a new goal: Twitch Partner!
To make that goal, we are now streaming 5 days a week, and more! The best thing you can do to help us toward this mighty goal, is follow our channel,, and join us in the chat room as we play. We’ve upgraded the look of our channel and have also included some helpful links on it as well. Here is our current stream plan:

  • Late Night QGN: Friday – Tuesday at 2a ET with Evarwyn and Zeffin
  • Late Nigh Elder Scrolls: Saturday & Sunday “Late Night QGN” becomes Elder Scrolls centered as Evarwyn and Zeffin jump into ESO and other Elder Scrolls games, 2a ET
  • Saturdays With Setsua: Join Setsua each Saturday Night at 10p ET as he plays various games. Lately, he’s been into “Dark Age of Camelot”

As a side note, Dave “Dienforce” Adams will be streaming in the evening. Currently, he’s looking to begin either the first or second week of February. We’ll keep you posted on the exact days and times.



While overhauling much of QGN, the Patreon page is something that needed to be looked at very badly. The goals, rewards and monetary tiers were awful and needed much attention. QGN has 1 goal: To make the best quality video game radio shows possible, and to that end, your monetary contribution to our Patreon helps to sponsor the upgrades our hosts need in order to constantly deliver that. However, the monthly monetary system should be inexpensive and the rewards should be some of the best QGN can offer. I want our patrons to walk away each month, knowing that they are getting quality shows and also value for their contribution.
Each tier is designed to give you the previous tier’s rewards and then expand on that. Also, we do not have a tier that is more than $10. Additionally, any “Chance Based” reward in your tier is exclusive to that tier, so your chances to win are not diluted if more patrons join tiers below or above yours. They are as follows:


  • The Squire
    $3 or more per month
  • 1. Special mention on our content
    2. FREE QGN Con Ticket($80 Value)
    3. FREE QGN Con tee shirt ($25 Value) *Please RSVP 1 month before show w/ your size*
  • The Knight
    $5 or more per month
  • 1. Chance to Win $10 Steam Giftcard Every 3 Months
    2. Special mention on our content
    3. FREE QGN Con Ticket ($80 Value)
    4. FREE QGN Con tee shirt ($25 Value) *Please RSVP 1 month before show w/ your size*
  • The Paladin
    $8 or more per month
  • 1. Chance to Win $20 Amazon Gift card Every 3 Months (Your chance to win is separate from previous tier)
    2. Access to the QGN Music Parodies Google Drive
    3. Access to the “Patreon Subscribers” Discord Chat Channel & have input on new QGN Features and Join Special Patreon Member streams!
    4. Chance to Win $10 Steam Gift card Every 3 Months (Your chance to win is separate from previous tier)
    5. Special mention on our content
    6. FREE QGN Con Ticket ($80 Value)
    7. FREE QGN Con tee shirt ($25 Value) *Please RSVP 1 month before show w/ your size*

The hope is to incentivize our community with low cost monetary tiers, with fun, exciting and generous rewards, especially to our QGN Con attendees – which we hope to grow in the coming years.


You can become a patron on our Patreon Page at by clicking this link


QGN Con 2018

Last year, QGN did something we only joked about…actually put together a convention of hosts and listeners and record our best shows, LIVE! I was scared out of my wits…but we made it happen. It took 7 years for the right time, idea, and resources to finally be built and present themselves…but we made it happen. QGN Con 2017 was a day I will personally never forget and stood as a testament to the strength, will and resolve of the QGN hosts. After QGN Con 2017, I will never…EVER…say we can’t do something. QGN put on a show on in NYC: “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere”.


We can do anything, as long as we have you (our community) and the teamwork of our hosts.

QGN Con 2018 is being planned, and right now, I can tell you that we are hosting it on Saturday, July 28th at The Baseball Center of Manhattan, in New York City from 3pm to 12am. Tickets are now available on our website and each ticket comes with a free QGN Con 2018 tee shirt, free food all day long (Free Food in NYC for the day is already a $150 value for 1 person) and LIVE podcasts being recorded with you in our audience, giving your feedback. Check out episode 200 of “Elder Scrolls off the Record” and “QGDnD Live – Fart Pancakes” to see exactly how much fun it was to be there!

We’re looking to expand the day from last year, and your contribution on Patreon will ensure your ticket and shirt automatically! If you can make it to NYC in July, or if you’re already going to be here, come.

We can’t wait to meet you and we guarantee you it’s going to a memory you won’t soon forget!


Thank You!

Well, I really appreciate you reading this update. I know its long, but we have so much going on here at QGN, and so much to be thankful and proud of. I wanted to share it with all of you and let you know that even though we’ve been around since 2011, and at times we look like we’re winding down or getting tired, nothing could be further from the truth. We’re investing in the network, expanding our shows, reaching toward new goals, looking for new ways to be fun and entertaining while focusing on delivering quality in an efficient manner.

Your support, both financially and without financing, is so very, very important to us. We thank you for sending your tweets, emails, joining us in our chat room, listening and downloading, sponsoring us on Patreon, shopping at our QGN Shop and meeting us at our annual QGN Con. There is much to do, but we’re rolling our sleeves up, and getting ready for an amazing year ahead.

May the Fus Be With You!

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