The Road Ahead July 2014 – The Guild Extravaganza!

In a new post on the official ESO website, Game director Matt Firor previewed some of the changes upcoming to The Elder Scrolls Online. Notably, he touched on not only the recent announcement regarding Veteran Rank changes, but also the upcoming Update 3. Update 3 will include many changes and additions to the guild system, and will see the inclusion of the much sought after Armor dyes and Guild Heraldry.

Update 3 (or “Guild Extravaganza!” as we call it) introduces lots of guild and player customization improvements, and it will be coming to the Public Test Server (PTS) soon. Few features are more important to ESO than guilds. They provide the easiest and most fun way to meet new people, chat with groups while you’re playing, and are almost always the first choice when putting together a dungeon or PvP group. As such, we’re devoting a large portion of Update 3 to making sure that guilds are easy to create, fun to join and manage, and provide players with a social group that helps them in their journey through Tamriel.

As stated before, Firor also took this opportunity to discuss the upcoming changes to the Veteran Rank system. While most of the announcements and changes will come out of the upcoming QuakeCon event, he did provide some details on how these changes will roll into the coming months.

One of the guiding principles of our Veteran gameplay was to encourage people (not force them) to group. We wanted people to be able to solo to max level, but still wanted you to participate in group content. This principle was the reason we made our post-50 zones more difficult; we wanted you to get together with others and take on tougher challenges. But this hasn’t been well-received. Many of you love the game you played from 1-50, and the Veteran-level zones are too much of a departure from that experience. We know you want the ability to continue participating in solo content as you progress through Veteran Ranks. This will occur over time, but the first few phases look like this:

Phase 1: Make sure the difficulty in Veteran zones ramps up slowly and rarely exceeds what a good player can do on their own. This change came to the live servers on July 7th. By the time you read this, you should be able to play Veteran content the same way you played from 1-50.

Phase 2: Remove the Veteran Points system and have normal experience gains direct the growth of the Veteran System. Also, we’ll increase the amount of XP granted in PvP. This will happen at some point over the summer as we transition to the new system.

Phase 3: Introduce a completely new Veteran System based on new character customization and growth mechanics. We’ll talk more about this in the near future—especially during Quakecon—but for now, be aware that we’re going to make some much-needed changes to post-50 PvE gameplay.

For the full post, head over to the Elder Scrolls Online page for more information. Also, make sure you’re in our chatroom LIVE this Thursday as Evarwyn, Shank, Lou and Dave discuss the upcoming Update 3 and The Road Ahead for ESO!

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