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PvP in SWTOR Feels Rewarding – It’s a change 

I’ve been playing SWTOR since the game launched. Well, before that even. I can remember being there waiting and refreshing Twitter for another tweet that more early access emails had been sent out. Of course, I was at work at the time so it wasn’t as if I could have played that moment anyway. Still, just knowing that I could play that night when I got home made all the difference to me the second I received my email. From the first night I played SWTOR I tried to get involved in as many types of game play as possible. I tried PvE, PvP, and space combat. With as gripping as the stories were in this game, it was hard for PvP to hold my attention at the time. Space combat was a novel idea, but got too repetitive too quickly.

Now here we are, two years after I first logged into SWTOR, and I’ve been a subscriber the entire time. I’ve played every class in the game to some extent and seen a bulk majority of the class stories, with some being revisited a second or third time. I was beginning to feel the burnout of the PvE game, but just a little. I wasn’t nearly at the point of quitting the game or unsubscribing, but it was starting to feel stale.

That’s when I decided to take a second look at two aspects of the game that I had been utterly ignoring for the longest time now. PvP and the recently added Galactic Starfighter. Sure, I tried GSF when early access for it came. I sucked at it horribly. I couldn’t hit anyone and all I seemed to do was fly into random meteors or get shot down. Ground PvP had never been like that. I’d always been decent at that. It just seemed like it would get old doing the same war zones over and over again. Despite the preconceived notions in my mind, I decided to give both game styles the chance they deserved.

It was that point that I reflected back to my original class, the Sith Juggernaut, and decided I’d be making my entry into these game modes with that class. I wasn’t going to return to my main character to move in that direction, though. Instead, I made a brand new Sith Warrior and leveled him to 10. I did the basic PvE stuff on Korriban, with a bit of GSF mixed in between. Once I managed to get him to level 10 though, I went to the fleet and chose my advance class. I then dipped into my funds and purchased both war zone and starfighter experience boosts from my Character Perks. At that point, I was strictly PvP and GSF moving forward.

So far, the path of destruction that I’ve been carving has been minimal. My character is level 22 at the point of writing this, the last 12 levels being exclusively from GSF and PvP. I must say, though, despite the fact I’m doing the same content over and over again, it feels surprisingly satisfying. It’s as if I’m playing a different game without ever having to leave the sanctity of SWTOR; I love that. I’ve also reached out to the SWTOR community via Madmar on Twitter (@swtorfamily) who referred me to Deltia’s Gaming. I’ve found the guides on that site to be very useful in helping me map out the direction of my PvP character going forward.

Even with new games on the horizon, I feel that with SWTOR’s ability to be two or possibly even three games inside of the same MMO, I’ll be playing this title for years to come.


  • That’s kind of how PvP works for me too: I prefer PvE if given the choice, but when I feel that I’ve run out of things to do in that area for the moment, PvP makes for a great “filler”. 🙂

    • I find it’s been a nice change of pace and gives me something to “grind” for that doesn’t come so easily. It reminds me a bit of my EverQuest days. (The super slow progression.)

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