The Music of ESO: Jeremy Soule, Malukah… and iTunes!

Zenimax Online Studios released a new “Creating ESO” today, this time about the music in The Elder Scrolls Online. And for the first time we now know the soundtrack will be made available for purchase on iTunes.

As important as any other piece of the game, Elder Scrolls soundtracks have become beloved by gamers around the world. Beginning with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, Jeremy Soule has been composing music for the series since 2002, and he has indeed returned for The Elder Scrolls Online. His role is slightly different than it has been for the three previous Elder Scrolls games, as ZOS said he primarily worked on the title theme and music for cinematics. The in-game scored was composed by Brad Derrick and Rik Schaffer. Both have experience with MMOs and games that require the music to change depending on any number of in-game variables.

Additionally, internet sensation Malukah was also revealed to be part of the soundtrack, having composed and performed several pieces for the game. Be sure to read our full interview with her and our very own News Director Joseph Bradford.

There are a number of other vocalists and performers in the game, including an orchestra, a choir, soloists, and more.

The post also revealed for the first time that the soundtrack will be available for purchase on iTunes, and more will be announced about this as we get closer to launch.

You can see the full post be heading to The Elder Scrolls Online website.

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