The End of an Era – QGN News Team

As I sit down to write this my hands are slightly trembling. Not because of any sadness, but as a result of two and a half years of hard work coming to an inevitable end.

But what an end.

If you haven’t surmised by now, The Quest Gaming Network’s News Team is being disbanded. This is due to a number of reasons, none of them bad or malicious in nature; reasons that are necessary to the overall health of the Network and those therein. Effective immediately, The Quest Gaming Network will no longer consider itself a place to get your latest and greatest news coverage, but instead focus our efforts on what we do really well: entertain and inform.

When I came on staff for QGN two and a half years ago, my goals were simple: build a portfolio that I can translate into a stable writing career. Throughout that time the Network has undergone changes that have inevitably caused my goals to change. We transitioned from just podcasts and written articles to focusing on streaming gameplay and eventually YouTube content. We changed from just a fansite to an actual LLC, making QGN a legitimate business. My role changed as the months went on. Instead of simply being the QGN writer, I became its News Director when Brian Armstrong was brought on board. Shank was added a few months later and together we formed a triumvirate that has yet to be silenced. We’ve had other writers come and go (even now we have a fourth writer whose schedule makes it so he can only write sparingly for us.) but through everything one thing has been certain: it has not been easy.

I quit for a time last October, only to be brought back originally on a freelance basis. That quickly turned into me assuming my old role, because Evarwyn and I simply could not see it any other way. We had a vision: to make QGN the place to go for news. It was ambitious, albeit a little foolish on our end. But for a time we were truly clicking. There was a time where our little three-man team could pump out 5 or 6 articles a day.

The problem was no one read them.

Because of our efforts, QGN has been onsite for multiple major gaming conventions, including two E3 conferences. A dream come true for myself and Brian who got to go last year. This past E3 I went alone, determined to make our site shine amongst the glitter of new games and hardware.

But still no one read.

The Quest Gaming News Team is a massive drain on all of our lives. My goals to become a published games journalist were realized pretty early on thanks to the new forms of media the Internet provides today. However, it came at a price. A personal price.

For the past two and a half years I have worked tirelessly to make QGN News stand out. I have worked to write articles, do interesting interviews, cover conventions, and provide thoughtful opinions on the industry. Our most hardcore fans read our content, but still we have people surprised when we tell them we even have articles on the site. Throughout those two and a half years I have missed time with my daughter. I have missed precious time I will never get back as a result of the long nights hunting down stories. It has put a considerable strain on my marriage as a result. My wife is the most supportive person in the world, but long work days at my normal job coupled with long nights at this, my second job, can only go on for so long before the routine gets old.

Unfortunately, there comes a time when you have to admit you are simply spinning your wheels. You probably have noticed that not too many articles have been posted since my barrage of E3 articles last month. I was testing something, and my suspicions were correct: no one commented on this. We still had other content releasing, and this content we knew was being digested. The written content simply wasn’t being sought after anymore. And I had to make a decision.

I decided on my family. I decided on Brian spending more time with his wife and amazing daughters. I decided on Shank doing…whatever it is Shank does…

So as of now, the News Team is no more. We will be refocusing our creative efforts into bettering the content people do enjoy: our videos, podcasts and streams. This will allow me to spend more time with my daughter, but also focus more on The White Council. This will allow Shank to dive deeper into The Elder Scrolls and provide great insight on that show, among the others he’s a part of. This change will help Brian focus on his Metal Rock Radio show on Firebrand Radio, but more importantly he will be able to spend more time with his amazing kids without feeling the obligation to sit at his computer to write an article you’ve already read on another site.

This doesn’t mean we won’t be writing anymore. Far from it. We will still post our opinions. Shank’s Spiel will continue as planned. You’ll see the occasional BREAKING NEWS piece grace your Twitter if the story is big enough. What you won’t see anymore are the same recycled articles that you’ve already read on other gaming sites. The obligation our writers will feel to write those pieces will be gone, which might result in better articles on the content they do want to write about.

What I will see as a result of this: Noel and myself at the park kicking a soccer ball around a lot more often.

Thank you to all who have supported us throughout these past two years. Your visits to our site and our content have truly allowed some of my dreams to come true.

Until then, Namárië.

Joseph Bradford

Senior Manager

Quest Gaming Network


  • Sad to hear, you guys did a great job. Hard to compete with the big names out there.

    I’ll always be here to read your editorials and opinions. Good luck with The White Council and enjoy the extra time with the family 🙂

  • You guys continue to be an inspiration to me. The friends that got together and made a network. Your reasons are 100% valid and family should be this important. Even though this part of the network is no more it sounds like Bradford will still be around and it would be a shame to loose you. Much respect sir

  • Thanks for your great work. Enjoy your family life.

  • I am sad to see this happening, but am also excited to see what QGN still has in store for its fans. I believe the right decision has been made in regards to family life, as I would have come to the same decision regarding my own family. Good luck with your future, Grand Kahn…and Godspeed.

  • Family ALWAYS should come first,i cant stress this enough.
    sad to hear that news network comes to an end.
    im shure getting more freelance writers in would have toke allot of weight of your shoulders aswell,but yea sad it ends well..not really rather then its shifting back in a more maintainable status?did i got that correct?

    • The News Team is effectively dissolved. That doesn’t mean we will stop writing. Like you read, we will still post opinions, editorials and some new bits — but when we feel the urge to do so, not because we feel the obligation to do so. It will free us up to focus on our families and revert our Network efforts into making what we do even better. It will also have the effect of better articles because we truly *want* to write them.

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  • A sound conclusion. QGN has been my source of podcasts for about 1.5 years and I have enjoyed the articles the News team has posted. Your work has not gone unnoticed but I do agree with your decision.

  • will miss you but family comes first

  • I have the utmost respect for yourself & Brian for choosing to spend more time with your families.
    I for one will deeply miss the articles from all three of you, I thought you all brought a unique view point to the world of the internets.

    ‘Spears shall be shaken, shields shall be splintered’ but your articles will live on.

    All the best to you guys & your families.


  • Thanks Bradford, Brian, Shank and the other writers for your efforts over the years. You have been amazing.

  • Draeloth Velkerath

    I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who was a part of the news team. You all did really well and I think even though your team is being shut down its for good reasons. That being said I will miss reading the articles and getting info with a normal gaming type of common sense that most sites really don’t have. For now though QGN should be a place where everyone can have fun even the people running it. Again thanks for everything you all have done and have fun and stay safe!

  • Sorry to hear the news…late. Happy to hear about the family time.

    I’ve been listening to ESOTR since ep 40 and came digging for information after not hearing a podcast for two weeks.

    I’m patient, sometimes life happens but I’ll get curious after a while and start looking.

    Best of luck to all of you.

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