Templars Update: Buffs Incoming

It would appear that next week’s patch will showcase an update that will slightly buff the Templar class. Jessica Folsom, Community Manager at Zenimax Online Studuos states:

Aedric Spear: Puncturing Strikes
• Puncturing Strikes’ overall damage to all targets will be increased by 10%.
• Puncturing Strikes’ damage to your closest target will be increased from 100% to 110%.
• The Piercing Spear passive will add melee critical strike in addition to spell critical strike when using spear abilities.

Dawn’s Wrath: Nova
• Nova will be capable of critical strikes.
• Nova damage per tick will be increased by 20%.

Dawn’s Wrath: Solar Disturbance (Nova morph)
• Solar Disturbance will scale in damage from Ranks I-IV.
• Solar Disturbance will snare targets by 60% at all ranks.

Dawn’s Wrath: Solar Flare
• Solar Flare’s cast time will be decreased from 1.5 seconds to 1.3 seconds.
• Dark Flare will increase in damage as it ranks up.

Dawn’s Wrath: Sun Fire
• Sun Fire damage will last an extra second, resulting in an extra damage tick with two points in the Enduring Rays passive.
• Sun Fire’s snare effect and damage effect will now match.
• Sun Fire’s damage-over-time will be increased by 10% more overall damage.


Personally, I think this is all good news. I’ve played a Templar since the first Alpha was started and haven’t looked back, but I did feel like the DPS in the class was somewhat limited. Skills that should do good damage always seemed to lack in effectiveness. Hopefully this is a step in the right direction and we’ll see more love for the classes in the future!

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