SWTOR Reforged: Episode 30: The Fool

This is the FINAL EPISODE OF…Just kidding! Happy April Fool’s Day everyone! After playing a really mean trick on our live chat room, we actually get into some SWTOR discussion. This week we discuss 3 questions about Powertech/Vanguards answered by Community Manager, Eric Musco on the forums as well as cover some interesting topics raised on the forums as well: “Make Datacrons Account Wide” and “What is the Purpose of Pushback?” and also, some of Fred’s gameplay for the week. Agent Olan reports on “The Lost Tribe of the Sith, Part V” in The Jedi Archvies and we lend our Star Wars recommendations of the week, plus this week’s winner of The Loremaster’s Trivia Question of the Week, and your Tweets and Facebook shout outs as well! Stay tuned to the end, to hear our April Fool’s Day prank to the live chat room!

“SWTOR Reforged: Episode 30: The Fool”

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