SWTOR Reforged: Episode 29: The Naked Ewok

In this week’s trip around the galaxy, we discuss the stunning news from BioWare of “Galactic Strongholds”, plus we recap the recent Community Cantina tour at Boulder Colorado and also discuss a thing or two about ethics in SWTOR, and finish with an update on the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII!! This week’s Dev Tracker Post of the week comes from Community Manager, Eric Musco, who has a special message to the PvP community and then its off to our Star Wars recommendation of the week, your tweets, facebook posts, iTunes shout outs and we’ll catch you up on what the community has produced for you this week in our HoloFeed! Lou presents “The Lost Tribe of the Sith, Pt V” in The Jedi Archives, and we announce this week’s winner of the Loremaster’s Trivia Question of the Week, hosted on our facebook page

“SWTOR Reforged: Episode 29: The Naked Ewok”

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