Strider is Back



If you have been anxiously awaiting the release of the updated version of Capcom’s Strider, the wait is over!

The revamped update of the classic side scrolling ninja game, developed by Double Helix Games in conjunction with Capcom, is available to purchase and download from PlayStation Network on PS3 and PS4 for $14.99 US as of today, Feb. 18, 2014. Versions will also be available from Xbox Live for Xbox 360 and Xbox One as well as for PC through Steam on Feb. 19, 2014.

Strider Hiryu returns in this modern day re-envisioning of the classic back-flipping, ninja slicing, side scrolling platformer from 1989.

Perform breakneck acrobatic jumps and mid-air flips while slicing through Strider’s varied enemy types with Hiryu’s indestructible ‘Cypher’, a plasma charged weapon that can take on a number of properties.

In addition to mastering acrobatic maneuvers and slicing through thousands of enemies on various levels throughout the story, the game also offers a “speed run” race mode where players can put their skills to the test hitting consecutive checkpoints while slicing through enemies in the shortest amount of time possible. There is also a Survival mode which tests a player’s combat skill with various item and ability loadouts against waves of progressively difficult and diverse enemies.

So shake off the cobwebs and warm up those thumbs… Strider awaits!

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