Stendarr Scavenger Hunt ALL WEEK! Amazing PRIZES!

Join ESOTR Stendarr (Daggerfall Covenant Guild) for a Week Long Holiday Event! Follow the story to find out what needs to be “Acquired” and contact the listed persons below! The First person to get all the items, will win The Grand Prize!
Details Below:

Time Date: 5pm EDT Friday July 3rd to 5pm EDT Friday July 10th

Try lady luck and work your Legerdemain skills during the Stendarr Scavenger Hunt.

This week long Scavenger Hunt will start this Friday (July 3) at 5pm and will end next Friday 5pm (July 10).

All ESOTR guilds are invited to the hunt but the items that are on the “list” will be easiest to find during the act of thievery in the Covenant lands.

The “list” will be hidden with-in a story that I will post to this thread at 5pm on Friday (July 3).

You will have a week to find the items on the list and send either myself: Branek (@findercomnet), Luviana (@luviana), Sin’kar (@dorrack), or Scales-and-Fires (@kinglegion), sweet whispers into our ears; showing us that you have collected the items required. To ease link messaging we may invite you to group to show the items to us. Please do NOT post them in guild chat or any other chat for that matter (other than to our group) due to it being rude to others not playing or trying to figure it out or win on their own, this may cause you to be disqualified from winning prizes. The four of us will be available off and on through out the week; shoot us a /whisper in game if you feel you have found all of the items, want to ask questions, or just chat.

You will not have to launder the items unless you want to due to cost but remember; the more stolen items you hold, the harder it will be if you get caught and lose them.

The first person to find all the items will win the grand prize

Prizes include:

Grand Prize; A full set of the Rare crafting styles (Ancient Elf, Barbaric, Primal, and Daedric,) an Ultra-Rare Imperial crafting style, (These styles alone are worth 10,000 crowns if you bought them in the crown store!) Plus a few Dwarven style chapters that we have found.

Second Place; 50,000 gold and some rare provisioning recipes.

Third Place; 10,000 gold and a couple of rare provisioning recipes.

Good luck and we hope to see you rummaging in game!

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