Star Wars: Battlefront Remake Will Be At E3 2014

According to a report on Gamespot, during a conference call with investors it was revealed that the Star Wars: Battlefront remake by DICE will be at this year’s E3. Being published by EA, this is one of the few games we know of in development since they aquired the license from Disney last year.

According to CEO Andrew Wilson, it was confirmed on the call that the entry into the new take on the Battlefront series will be one of the games shown by EA at the upcoming conference in LA.

First teased at the EA E3 2013 press conference, little is known about the upcoming game, other than it will be canonical. This is in addition to the game being developed by Visceral, known for their work on the Dead Space series. This game is being written by Uncharted lead writer Amy Henning, who was recently forced out from that game’s developer Naughty Dog earlier this year.

We’ll have more information regarding Battlefront, as well as all of the big name titles from the show floor this year at E3.

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