RIFT: Temporal Flux aka Mech Week 2.0

rift-storm-legionA new event has started in Rift today, introducing Temporal Rifts to the game. The event called “Temporal Flux” starts by doing daily quests for Temporal Gears; the currency used for this event. Temporal Flux is being referred to as “Mech Week 2.0” as well. Featured in this event is a new mechanized mount. Loot boxes from the first Mech Week event have also been added to the cash shop, allowing players an additional chance for more Temporal Gears. There are also two opportunities for players to earn the loot box for this event by participating in it. (One from a quest reward and the other from earning an achievement, respectively.) You can read the entire announcement here.

Please note that the event will only be available from March 13, 2014 until March 20, 2014.


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