Rift Reforged: Episode 8: Tetris Poop!

While we’ve been waiting for the expansion to launch, Reforged got back to sharpening dungeon skills in Archive of the Flesh. Tune in to hear the hilarious report on how that went down — most of us ran new specs or played unfamiliar roles, and there was poop —ohhhh, all shapes of poop! In this episode we cover this week’s released info on what to expect from Nightmare Tide dungeons, instances and mounts, and debate the pros and cons of the Void Stone weekly cap. PTS-exploration highlights from the team include more on the 3.0 crafting process, finds in Draumheim, and what Kendo found out about his pig. In our regular segments, Kendo takes us through the last part of crafting basics — Apothecary, and Enikki opens a secret window into the mad mind-workings of Akylios. Let’s get started!


Rift Reforged: Episode 8: Tertris Poop
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