Rift Reforged: Episode 7: Beta-Juice!

The open beta for 3.0 finally arrived —- AND Trion has postponed the launch to Oct 22nd. Doesn’t matter — Reforged dove right in. Of course, all kinds of shenanigans ensued — so tune in and come along for the ride! We’ll tell you what to expect from the 3.0 crafting process, the new starter-zone mobs, and sudden gear upgrades (TG is taking that last one kinda hard). Plus, Kendo gives us the next chapter in his crafting primer –the basics of Armorsmithing – and Enikki takes us back in lore to a vivid view of the ghastly Lady Glasya. Shivers!


Rift Reforged: Episode 7: Beta-Juice
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