Rift Reforged: Episode 10: And They’re Off!

Nightmare Tide is finally here! The expansion has been live for 24 hours, and the team is ready to share the fun, the laughs, and yes — some of the hair-pulling — they’ve been experiencing so far. After game news and guild shenanigans, TG has tips on how to manage notoriety. You’ll want to plan ahead for synergy crystals and runes, and give a careful think about those level 62 planar essences. Kendo reports on Minions and the state of crafting grandmaster marks, and Enikki brings us another story about our favourite spy, The Faceless Man. And Telaran Trivia Community Questions are back — with giveaways!!
The race to 65 is on!


Rift Reforged: Episode 10: And They’re Off!
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