Rift Reforged: Episode 03 – WHO Smells Like Fish?

Sunday Sept 7, 2014

When Nightmare Tide launches Oct 8th , the expansion itself will be 100% free — just like all of Rift’s existing content. Buuuut —for anyone interested in adding more goodies to the game, Trion has released THREE Digital Editions, all purchasable through Glyph. What’s in the D.E.’s? Are they worth it? Listen to the Reforged crew as they unpack it all, item by item, and give you their take on what it all means. Plus, we have regular Rift news, listener mail, Dreamweaving from the Workbench, more lore from our in-house historian, Enikki, and, of course — more glorious Trivia!! (Who knew Alsbeth actually had a family?)

Rift Reforged: Episode 03 – WHO Smells Like Fish?
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