Rift Reforged: Ep 38: Merry Summerfest-mas (Love, Liiska)

Dear Greatfather Frost,
When you hear Liiska start the podcast tonight, she is going to sound like she’s losing her mind — but it’s only me. I’m stuck here in Margle Palace, and it is the middle of Summerfest —- but the lag here is so bad that I figured I should start activating the Ghar Subconscious Communication Network now. Hopefully, my shenanigans won’t interfere too much with the rest of the team. I hear that TG is covering a proper Bard build (at last!), Kendo should be happier now that he has lots of new recipes (still on the PTS, mind you) to talk about, and Eni has been researching the legend of the Kitsune. I love that mount! I begged and pleaded (politely) when it was on the Rift store, but Liiska did not hear me — so we don’t have one. That’s why I’m trying something different today — maybe there’s still time to save Fae Yule!
Hope you are well.
Love, Liiska’s Id


Rift Reforged: Ep 38: Merry Summerfest-mas (Love, Liiska)
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