Rift Reforged: Ep 33: Let The Echoes of Madness Begin!!

This patch might be called The Echoes of Madness – but you gotta hand it to ‘em — the folks at Trion have their feet firmly on the ground when it comes to forging ahead with smart community-building. The evidence? The recent hiring of Linda “Brasse” Carlson as Director of Community Relations. Liiska has a quick behind-the-scenes backgrounder, looking at Carlson’s track record as someone who treats MMOs as genuine co-creations between the game devs and the dedicated player-base. In that spirit of appreciating co-creation, the Reforged crew spreads love to some of our favourite and most dedicated Rift community content-creators, and we enrich the pot even more as we bring on Reforged’s own pvp-maniac, Enemy Foode!
But wait – think that’s all? Noooooo! The new wardrobe system is live, and it ROCKS. You now have ALL the tools you could ever want to make your toon look AB-solutely FAB-ulous! Time to jump into the dressing room with TG and Kendo (scary thought!) Plus, Enikki has a Prime story to keep you entertained as you rifle through positively oodles of dye buckets!

Rift Reforged: Ep 33: Let The Echoes of Madness Begin!!
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