Rift Reforged: Ep 29: Planetouched Primalists

News from Pax East, confirmed by Archonix’s Letter – we have big new things coming to Rift! A new calling (early signs indicate a w-i-p name of ‘Primalist’), a new zone (yes, one that Rifters have been requesting for a long while now) and omg — a new wardrobe management system!! TG is soldiering on through his malaise to bring us a special Rogue build: Softer Sin’s DPS Bard spec. Yes, you heard that right — DPS Bard! And, Enikki rounds out our time with the Ember Isle lore with stories of two very different experiences of the Kelari exodus. Come hear all about it.

Rift Reforged: Ep 29: Planetouched Primalists
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