Rift 2.6 Update Goes Live

Today, Trion patched the RIFT game servers for their latest 2.6 update to the game. This patch introduces many new things to the world of Telara, including the following (from the official RIFT post):

  • Air Saga Storyline – Embark on a multi-phase Air Saga that opens the door to an earlier age. At launch, you’ll relive the story lines leading up to Exodus of the Storm Queen. Then, in evolving phases over the weeks to come, you’ll track Crucia to Dusken and discover where her journey ends. In true flashback fashion, you’ll earn “Watcher” and “of the Icewatch” titles, a Storm Griffon companion pet, and Storm Legion Armor wardrobe pieces!
  • Dream Weaver Tradeskill – Craft keys for 15 new Dimensions plus water, sparkles, smoke, special items, and object-free lighting and particle effects you can add anywhere you like in your favorite retreats. Not a Dimensioneer? Craft rune-like Dream Orb equipment enhancements that add a variety of bonuses.
  • Bounty System – Collect new artifacts as you hunt down a huge range of villains and planespawn, troublemakers and beasts. Complete sets to earn Bounty Hunter Achievements granting titles, animal calls, Dimension trophies, cloaks, and access to a vendor selling remarkable new potions.
  • Combat Pet Skins – Get new looks for your faithful companions at the RIFT Store! Transform your elementals, undead, beasts, and Fae between any of your unlocked skins as you adventure (and turn heads) throughout the world.
  • Unstable Artifact Sets and Rewards – Go nuts with artifacts you’ve collected from unstable zone events across Telara. Rewards include dual-function items – use them to add flair to your Dimensions or trigger fun effects in the world at-large – plus new Planar Squirrel mounts!

What do you think of the new additions Trion unleashed today? Let us know in the comments below, and make sure to catch Rift Off the Record this Sunday night as Liz and Rage Philosophy break down the new update!

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