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Editors Note – This is a guest review from one of our team members, Bandgor! Thanks, Don!

In the mid to late 80’s I spent several summers at my cousins playing RPG’s with my cousin on his Apple computer.  We spent weeks getting through the original Might & Magic and eventually moved on to its second and then third sequel. I eventually got my own computer with a windows OS, and played through 4 and 5.  After that the games seemed to lose something, advances in computing left the series behind and its attempts to put out new games usually lead to a clunky, bug filled game.  The last entry in the series came out in 2002 and is still waiting for a patch promised in 2004.  The series has been off of my radar for quite some time.

I was surprised to see last week a streamer I follow on Twitch playing Might & Magic X Legacy.  Nostalgia and curiosity kicked in and I started watching, luckily I tuned in at the very beginning of his stream and got to see character creation and the start of the game.  I decided I needed to play the game for myself.


The in game graphics are not mind blowing but do fit the style of the game.  The inclusion of a Pixel option in the graphics menu which pixelates the world shows the interest was to keep the retro feel more than create a grand 3D world.

Fullscreen capture 1312014 100446 AM.bmp


Might & Magic X Legacy embraces a lot of its roots and delivers a retro feel without some of the retro faults.  At the beginning of the game you get the option to play a pre made party, create your own, or have a random party created for you.  There are four races and each race has three character classes to choose from.  Later in the game each class has a special quest to upgrade them (like turning your crusader into a paladin).  After a intro cinematic explaining your characters initial quest and the worlds history you are dropped off in a small town.  You are offered a tour of the town by an NPC and given a quest with in the town to complete before you can leave.  As a tutorial it was not bad and worked into the game well.  Once you can leave the town you are free to explore the world however the enemies of the game are not scaled so wandering to far from the start can be brutal.


The game itself is a third person and turn based.  Time only passes when you more or sleep.  Combat occurs on the world map with no transition to a different screen.  During combat each character gets an action then each enemy acts.  Leveling up lets you enhance your skills based on your class and place points in your character’s statistics, the standard fantasy RPG stats with slightly non standard names.  Loot follows the more modern randomly generated prefix/sufix system with a few special items thrown in like relics that gain experience and get better the more they are used.

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Might & Magic X Legacy gives a classic RPG feel without the drawback of trying to play a classic RPG not made for todays systems.  The story is standard RPG fare but with a good amount of lore to make the world as unique as you can make a fantasy RPG world.  The first 30 hours that I have played of the game I have totally enjoyed.


This is not a triple A title and the budget shows is some of the visuals however the look of the game fits with right in with the retro aspect of the game.


Might and Magic X Legacy tries to emulate the older titles in the series and does this very well.  There are a few bugs and a small amount of polish is still needed before I could say things are perfect.


The game mechanics work perfect for the game.  The problem is it does not come with the large game manuals that the older versions came with and the tutorial misses a few key things that would be helpful to know going in.


I would recommend this game to fans of RPGs But I would also have to warn away players who expect all of their RPGs to be huge open world affairs because this game emulates games of an era before that was quite possible.

Score 7/10

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