Remembering Final Fantasy X/X-2, and Looking Ahead to the Remaster

In a pretty hip suburb of Los Angeles named Alahmbra, fans of Final Fantasy descended upon a small art gallery on Main Street. Gallery Nucleus played home to a large event in celebration of the 10 year anniversary of Final Fantasy X/X-2. Over 50 different pieces of art were on display ranging from concept art, statues, full-color canvas pieces and much more. The Quest Gaming Network was invited to get into the gallery early to take a look at the displays and chat with some of the folks from Square Enix about the upcoming HD Remaster releases on PS3 and Vita tomorrow (3/18/14).

It all almost came unhinged though before it began.

As I drove to LA from my home in Las Vegas, I racked my brain thinking of questions to ask the developers on hand. As a fan of the Final Fantasy series my whole life, this was literally another dream come true. While Final Fantasy X is not one of my favorites in the series, I certainly see the significance of the game. It was the first Final Fantasy to be voice acted. It also is one of the first in the series to have a continuation game in addition to the original (FFXIII would follow suit later on).

The line to get to the line to get in. Square Enix was selling copies of the game early in this line.

The line to get to the line to get in. Square Enix was selling copies of the game early in this line.

As I went to check in as media, Square had left me off their credentialed media list. Thankfully I had some of my business cards for QGN and the email from their Assistant PR Manager confirming that I was supposed to be on there, so they let me into the exhibit no problems. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to interview the developers. No matter, I took a look at the beautiful works of art hanging on the walls of the small room and admired the statues as I walked around. The Blitzball-themed Foosball table in the center of the room was perfect, and the jackets of all the PR members standing around the gallery matched the table with the logos of all the teams in the game’s universe.

Blitzball, anyone?

Blitzball, anyone?

One of the best touches were the two small sections with screenshots from the game and captions associated with the events. You could actually vote on these pieces to see which was the favorite of the fans in attendance. Some of the captions were great, ranging from  “Dodge 200 lightning bolts? No problem!” to “Tidus plays his last game of Blitzball in Zanarkand.”

In addition to all the artwork, Square Enix had on display four TV sets. Two had the original PS2 releases of the games running, and the other two had their HD Remaster counterparts going. Sometimes the TVs would be running the same spot simultaneously, sometimes one would be ahead of the other; one thing is certain though: the HD Remaster looks amazing right next to the original version of the game. With the addition of the content not originally available in North America, any Final Fantasy X/X-2 fan should own this version of the series.

2014-03-15 13.07.47

Can you spot the difference?

Some of the pieces are available to purchase in an auction, with the proceeds going towards Typhoon Haiyan relief. For those wanting to bid on the art, you can do so here. Also, even though the major event is over, the gallery will still be up until March 26th, so if you live in Southern California, or will find yourself there in the coming week, make sure you swing by Gallery Nucleus. It’s free to the public and definitely worth the trip, especially for those Final Fantasy X/X-2 fans out there.

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