Quest Gaming Network is Looking For Writers!

Ever wanted to write about your favorite games? Have opinions on a game that you want heard? Quest Gaming Network would like to give you the opportunity to air your opinions and report on your favorite hobby!

We are looking for specific writers for both Rift Off the Record and SWTOR: Reforged. Duties of these writers would include:

  • Post articles regarding the news and notes from the game developers. This would include patch notes, expansion announcements, developer commentaries.
  • Write opinions based on your gameplay. These opinions would be your own and not reflect the views of the hosts on the show (obviously), but the opinion pieces need to be well-researched and your arguments against any dissenting opinion need to be well formed. These can include opinions based on a topic on the official forums, opinions based on a new addition to the game, patch notes, etc.
  • Stay up to date and active in the Quest Gaming Network community.

These two positions would really only encompass those two game beats, but would open the door for more general writing and coverage down the road.

In addition to the two positions we are looking to fill full time, QGN is also looking for guest writers for The Elder Scrolls Off the Record. This would include articles and opinions based on both the single player games and The Elder Scrolls Online. These guest posts would be cleared and edited by our News Lead or Assistant News Lead, but full credit would be given to the guest writer.

This is a perfect opportunity if you are looking to work in gaming journalism in the future. Writing for The Quest Gaming Network gives you an opportunity to gain experience, build a portfolio and receive feedback on your writing. If you are interested in any of the above positions, let us know! Email the following to our News Lead Joseph Bradford:

  • Name
  • Which beat you are looking to write for, or whether you want to be a guest writer
  • Age (Must be 18 or older)
  • Two samples of your writing. One needs to be a generic news post. Make sure to cite all sources and do your research. The article does not need to be current news. The second needs to be an opinion piece, 1500-word limit on the beat your auditioning for.
  • A cover letter telling us why you would be perfect for the position. Be creative!

Email all submissions to [email protected] and type News Team Submission in the subject. Make sure also to let us know what time zone you are in and when you would be available to meet over Skype in case you are selected.

Thanks again, and good luck!

Joseph Bradford

News Director/Lead

Quest Gaming Network

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