QGDnD Episode 22: Barbarians at the Gate

Reeling from their loss, the adventurers from Quodeth find themselves in a small town about to be wiped from the map. Join us for our season finale as we see if our Heroes(?) can become real Heroes.

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e by Wizards of the Coast
Setting: Primeval Thule Campaign Setting by Sasquatch Games Studio

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Mark – The DM
Tim – Koth (Human Fighter)
Mike – Klang (Dwarf Fighter)
Steve – Kilmor (High Elf Wizard)
Luna – Lorel’ai (Tiefling Warlock)
Raina – Bahara (Atlantean Sorcerer)
Evarwyn – Paladin Evarwyn (Human Paladin)

QGDnD Episode 22: Barbarians at the Gate
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