QGDnD Episode 14: Up A Creek

After a long trek through the jungle our Heroes(?) decide to take a cruise up the Quosa river. There’s mysterious passengers to talk to but there’s also plenty of booze. There’s no way this could go wrong. Right?

Art by Rainawest1987

Ferocious Valour by Motoi Sakuraba (Infinite Undiscovery Soundtrack)
Emil / Karma by Keiichi Okabe, Kakeru Ishihama, Keigo Hoashi and Takafumi Nishimura (NieR Gestalt and Replicant Original Soundtrack)

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e by Wizards of the Coast
Setting: Primeval Thule Campaign Setting by Sasquatch Games Studio

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Mark – The DM
Tim – Koth (Human Fighter)
Mike – Klang (Dwarf Fighter)
Luna – Lorel’ai (Atlantean Warlock)
Monahven – Larena (Halfling Rogue)
Raina – Bahara (Atlantean Sorcerer)

QGDnD Episode 14: Up A Creek
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