QGDnD Curse of Strahd 26: Lost…

Our Heroes being their ascent to the Amber Temple in order to find the Sunsword and the source of Strahd’s power. But the mountains are filled with their own dangers, and passing them does not come without cost.

System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e by Wizards of the Coast
Campaign: Curse of Strahd by Wizards of the Coast

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Mark – The DM
Tim – Grant “The Nasty” Danasty (Human Rogue)
Mike – Dragomir (Vistani Bard)
Steve – Vicente Santiago Fern├índez del Monta├▒a (The Third) (Human Fighter)
Luna – Alice Elliot (Human Cleric)
Raina – Kaiya (Human Ranger)

QGDnD Curse of Strahd 26: Lost…
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