PS4 Firmware 1.70 Detailed

Firmware update 1.70 was detailed in a Playstation Blog post today, announcing several requested features. A rich video editor, dubbed SHAREFactory, allows you to edit your captured videos in much greater detail than before. It also allows you to add your own music as well as commentary should you so choose. It looks pretty awesome. Check it out below:

Unfortunately, no mention was made of directly uploading your creations to YouTube. However, you will have the ability to export your video to a USB drive which can then be used to share anywhere you wish. Here’s hoping direct YouTube uploading will arrive soon.

Additionally, the new firmware will allow you to shut off HDCP should you wish to capture output directly from HDMI. This will allow gamers to capture even longer clips and of course, allow them to share their captured footage anwhere – a long requested feature.

Also announced was the ability to preload preordered games. This functionality essentially allows you to download a preordered game before it’s released so that come release day, you’re ready to game. This is a feature that’s long existed on PC so it’s great to see it arrive on consoles. Given that digital distribution on consoles is becoming more and more prevalent, it seems only natural to include such a feature.

No date was revealed for the release of 1.70. Hopefully, the update arrives before the month is out.


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