Paul Sage Discusses Veteran Rank Content in The Elder Scrolls Online

Earlier today, Zenimax Online posted an article from Creative Director, Paul Sage regarding ESO’s veteran content and what it can provide for players.

In the article, Sage acknowledges there are not only different types of players out there, but that players can often feel like playing differently from day to day and therefore are not easily squeezed into one mold or another. Sage goes on to further expound on this idea and mentions that no matter what type of player someone is, they inevitably become attached to one particular character and want to continue playing that character in all ways and aspects possible.

This is part of the reason we don’t have PvP gear and PvE gear, and also the reason we embrace being able to pick and max out more than a handful of skills. We’ve tried to avoid the danger of compartmentalizing and labeling certain players by acknowledging that circumstances change for people day-to-day. On Monday you might feel like playing alone, and Tuesday you might feel like working with friends on a dungeon.

From large group PvP to solo PvE gameplay, Sage goes over the different ways that players can continue to enjoy ESO after reaching level 50.

We finally have some information available regarding the Adventure Zones we’ve heard about for almost a year now. As previously announced, Craglorn will be the first Adventure Zone and will be implemented shortly after launch. The zone will be situated between Hammerfell and Cyrodiil and will be set up for groups of four players. This zone will operate like any other zone in the game: follow the storyline or simply pick a direction and explore. Craglorn will also have instanced areas called Delves, and these will always be instanced to your group and house a boss and Skyshard at the end. They operate much like a Dark Anchor, but are much more deadly. There are also some repeatable quests within Craglorn to complete as many times as you want.

Craglorn also allows you access to the game’s large group Veteran PVE content, or Trials. Trials are a twelve-person group encounter that increase with difficulty as they go along, and these Trials are also instanced to your group. Interestingly, a Trial also has a Resurrection Cap. Revive an ally too many times and your group fails the Trial. Sage mentions that group coordination is key to completing the Trial, and in doing so your group might be added to a leaderboard with the other groups to complete the task.

Head over to the Elder Scrolls website and read through for more information. What do you think about this announcement? Excited? Angry? Let us know in the comments below as well as our community forums.

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