Nvidia Introduces GTX 800M Notebook GPUs

Nvidia announced on their site today the new 800M series of notebook GPUs, complete with a bevy of new features.

Our new lineup, the GeForce GTX 800M GPUs, are up to 60% faster than previous-generation mobile GPUs, feature improved power efficiency, and give notebook gamers access to critically-acclaimed innovations like GeForce ShadowPlayGameStream, and GPU Boost 2.0.


Along with these (long requested) features, the 800M series will also see a significant boost in battery life.

But this year, GeForce GTX 800M also introduces the world to Battery Boost, a new feature that can double the amount of game time on a single battery charge, while still delivering great GTX graphics at playable framerates.


The most powerful of these cards, the 880M, boasts some pretty impressive specifications for a notebook GPU.


Perhaps most impressive about these specs is the CUDA core count with 1536 cores. This is the same number of cores present in Nvidia’s desktop GTX 770 GPU. However, the memory clock in the 880M is significantly lower than the desktop GPU, and understandably so. Notebook GPUs must operate within a much more limiting thermal and power envelope than desktop GPUs.

Nevertheless, the 800M series look to be impressive little GPUs. If you’re in the market for a laptop with Nvidia’s latest inside, check out these notebooks:



  • So, does this give us any idea when the desktop version will be out?

    • Not really. These 800M series are effectively tweaked and gimped GK chips, meaning they’re using Kepler architecture. Nvidia’s next architecture, Maxwell, is only featured on one card, the 750 ti. We’ll have to wait some time for full desktop GM100 chips.

  • It would be nice if Nvidia would at least tell us what quarter to expect Max to be released. But nooo. They’re probably gonna wait until two weeks before it comes out to tell us anything.

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