New Podcast! Twilight Off The Record


Our hosts from Elder Scrolls Off The Record have been in the works on a project for a very long time (Nearly 104 years!) and are very proud to present to you our first book-themed podcast series: Twilight Off The Record.

Follow us through the magical and heavenly writings of Stephenie Mayer. We’ll be discussing all 4 books of the Twilight series as well as the unreleased draft of Midnight Sun. Every week, we’ll also present and dissect a scene from the movies as well as the background music and explain just how every slight twinge of emotion from Kristin Stewart is nothing less than Oscar-worthy acting.

We hope that you will happily follow and enjoy this masterpiece of western literature.


Our hosts had a few things to say:

Evarwyn: “Team Jacob all the way.”

Lou: “The lore in these books is both engrossing and exquisite”

Dave: “Anne Rice is better.”

Shank: “What? They made books out of the movies?”


  • I have followed QGN for a long time and listened to all of their podcasts. They’ve been mostly ho-hum and somewhat amusing on occasion, but this…. QGN had me at “Twilight”! I’m never listening to another network EVER! I squee’d as soon as I saw the headline and I’m running to my local Walmart to buy all the glitter I can as we speak!!!

  • Do ESO vampires sparkle? NO. TOTR FTW.

  • Team Jacob all the way! Everyone knows werewolves are better than vampires. I can’t wait to listen to this! You guys have to segregate the books when discussing them though…and make sure you put up spoiler alerts! I think my 11 year old daughter might even be into this one! Now you guys can sell t-shirts, too!!!

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