New Mount Available in RIFT

Earlier today, Trion Worlds Entertainment posted a “reminder” tweet to the RIFT twitter feed regarding the newest mount available in game, the Budgie.

According to the RIFT community page and the community forums, the new Budgie mount is currently in game and available for a limited time! The Limited Edition: Budgie Trove event began server time 8:15 AM, February 5th, 2014 and runs til server time 8:15 AM, February 11th!

There will be two versions of the Budgie mount available and each has a slightly different path to acquisition.

A new Frosty Budgie mount can be acquired from Limited Edition: Budgie Troves, available on the Rift Store and by completing the new achievement Chicken Run!
A new Ashen Budgie mount can also be purchased with Bird Seed, which is obtained from the Limited Edition: Budgie Trove and by completing new daily quests in Silverwood (Guardian Only), Freemarch (Defiant Only), Pelladane, and Cape Jule.

Community Manager, Morgana also posted to the RIFT community forums that currently it is known that the Chicken Run achievement is not displaying, but it is still attainable. Morgana offered assurances that any player who completes all of the Budgie races for the Planar Research Institute in (Silverwood or Freemarch, faction depending), Pelladane, and Cape Jule will receive a Limited Edition: Budgie Trove as promised.

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