New Developers Join [email protected]

For those of you that don’t know, [email protected] is their form of independent developers. Microsoft recently announced on the Xbox Wire that even more studios have joined the community of indie’s making games for the Xbox One. The list includes some notable companies that have developed games for XBLA in the past, as well as companies that have never made a game before. On the page, they have listed about 65 different companies that have recently joined the ranks. They also stated that there are over 200 developers working on games right now for the console. The first games of the program are in the certification stage of development. Some of the more prominent studios joining the list are Ska Studios, Humble Hearts, Robomodo, Zoë Mode, Warhorse Studios, and Playdead.

For those that love indie games, this is a program to keep an eye on. If you are wanting to make games for the Xbox One head on over to their website to register and find out more. As always, keep it here at QGN for the latest and greatest in gaming news.

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