MyDream Twitch.TV Second Event

Earlier today, the Palo Alto, CA. based game studio, MyDream Interactive announced the second of their live stream events that will take place via Twitch.TV in cooperation with SlumpCity.

This second event will start later today at 3 PM PST/10 PM GMT and will showcase the simplicity of creating beautiful landscapes and impressive architecture within their yet to be released voxel-based, coop-community minded multiplayer game, MyDream. The stream can be viewed via SlumpCity‘s Twitch.TV channel.

We’re super thrilled to be working with SlumpCity to highlight exactly what can be done within our sand box title, MyDream. Tune into our Twitch.TV stream and watch as the world is terraformed before your very eyes!” said Allison Huynh, CEO of MyDream. “Using TwitchTV allows us to show exactly how easy it is to achieve results and so far we’ve had over 4.5 million user-generated 3D voxel objects!

MyDream is a voxel sand box title that allows players to experience unlimited, user-created adventures that are fun and encourage real-life skills such as creativity and collaboration.  MyDream already features over 4.5 million player generated 3D voxel objects. Through its system of rewards, the game promotes adventure, creation and cooperation. MyDream brings together gaming genres including sandbox, RPG and adventure, with realistic graphics to create a new type of open-world gameplay.

More than just a game, MyDream is a community built on principles and is only limited by your imagination.

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