Murdered: Soul Suspect Will Launch On Both Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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In a press release on Tuesday, Square Enix announced the upcoming supernatural detective thriller Murdered: Soul Suspect will not only be coming to PC and Xbox One, but PlayStation 4 as well.

The game will also land on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles and will be available in June.

By jumping to next-gen consoles, Square Enix said the game will be able to take advantage of greater technology and be even more impressive visually.

“The new console versions will offer increased visual fidelity via native 1080p output. Elements such as subsurface scattering and an increased particle count will depict an even more immersive ghost world and cast as players guide slain Salem detective Ronan O’Connor on a quest to find his killer and escape the limbo-like world of Dusk.”


I got an early look at this game at E3 2013 and came away impressed. The game tasks players with solving their own murder, and while what I saw was early gameplay, it was really interesting. Players can take the form of living people to manipulate the situation in different ways, whether by asking questions, observing crime scene details, and more. It is in third-person, and similar to the point-and-click style that has really taken off lately, but not quite as limited.

We’ll keep you posted in the coming months as news develops about Murdered: Soul Suspect.

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