The Mortal Online Podcast: Episode 0

The Mortal Online Podcast, a show dedicated to the MMO: Mortal Online! Welcome to the first person, sandbox, medieval-fantasy style MMO that will test your mettle. Think you know how to game? Let Mortal Online chew you up and spit you out. If you come back, you’ve earned the right to play with these talented, hardcore gamers! Let Zack, Rhodri and Stamps guide you through your journey in your next addiction: MORTAL ONLINE!
The Mortal Online Podcast: Episode 0
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  • Great intro guys! I will admit I somehow had never seen this game before. I am downloading the client as I type this.

    P.S. – Awesome pipes Rhodri, do you do voiceovers?

    • Glad you liked it and are trying it out! and ill let Rhodri know you want him to do more voice over work lol

    • I appreciate the compliment, I’ve not done any voice over work professionally, though I’ve done a couple small things here and there for people I knew in Mortal Online, one player I used to fight alongside provided a script for his university project that I read off for him, got paid in some very hard to acquire resources that I used to make even some rare metal.

      But back to voicework, doing this podcast would be the most professional thing I’ve done as far as voiceover is concerned.

  • Awesome! I remember this game from beta. I stopped playing it a long long time ago, but I am happy to see its still around and running! So are you are going to have an in game guild? I am a huge fan of the sandbox mmo. I can’t wait to see what you have to share about the game with us the listener.
    ~ Ranph

  • Ohhh ohh i wanna come on the podcast. honestly

  • love the first ep cant wait for this to go live!!!!

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